Full Artificial Grass Installation

For a professional and hassle free installation our team of experienced fitters will be happy to do the job for you.

We professionally install artificial and fake grass – whether a children’s play area or a brand new artificial grass lawn. We have many years experience installing artificial grass and will also provide a no obligation quote up front. Having your fake grass lawn installed by us guarantees that it will last you many years, presenting great value and ensuring it looks as stunning as it should.


  1. We clear the existing surface to a depth that we are happy with to provide a stable sub base and suitable drainage.
  2. We then compact the ground, using a vibrating plate.
  3. We Fix a tantalized timber (2” x 2”) frame around the perimeter of the area, secure the frame with stakes driven into the ground and fix with galvanised screws ensuring that the wood is fully secured. This will form the outline for your grassed area and the new grass will fit to the top of the frame.
  4. We ensure it’s not higher than the required final grass line, ideally 5mm to 10mm below any fixed edges such as slabs, decking or blocks.
  5. We then proceed to lay the sub base. This material is designed to level and firm up the area. Typically Type 1 MOT aggregate is used. A minimum of 50mm (2”) is used but is increased if the area is subject to heavy footfall or poor drainage.
  6. We then spread and compact the sub base using the vibrating plate mentioned.
  7. We lay the base material – a fine layer of sharp sand approximately 6mm to 10mm depth and then apply the geo-textile weed barrier to the area, and cut it to shape and fix to the wooden frame with staples. The artificial grass is then lifted onto the top of the membrane (as opposed to dragging it onto the base material).
  8. We then cut and trim your artificial grass to the area. If there are joins we tape them using the correct type of seaming tape and glue.
  9. We then fix the grass, once cut, with galvanized staples into the wooden frame and your artificial grass installation is complete and ready to enjoy and use.

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